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Accounting & Tax

At JPK Accountants we provide a broad range of accounting and taxation services. We make a point of understanding the specific needs of every client and provide specialised services for your needs.

As well as helping you to comply with the laws, our procedures are also designed to identify taxation and business opportunities for you. We are well-equipped with specialist knowledge of the local market and keep up to date with regulatory changes and new trends in the financial industry. We know the rules and can advise clients of changes that affect their financial situation. Understanding and meeting your tax obligations can save you money, not only by avoiding penalty fees but also ensuring you are aware of any exemptions you may be entitled to.



FIRPTA Tax Services


Business Strategy &

Thinking strategically is the key to running a sustainable business. From advice on business structures and start-up planning to cash-flow forecasting and management, we help small to medium businesses plan for a successful and profitable future. Don’t just know what your bottom line is, improve it.

Does your business have the flexibility to adapt to future changes in the marketplace, as well as respond to those unexpected difficulties?

By identifying strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, we aim to ensure your business is well-equipped should you run into trouble and need to return it to profitability. Most small to medium business are too busy running the actual day-to-day activities of the business to spend time developing business strategies, let alone finding the time to ensure those plans critical to their success are implemented.

Financial Planning

Quality financial advice can play a vital role in the quality of your financial future. Our licensed financial planning services* can help you save money, create wealth, protect against risk, manage debts, grow assets, pick the right investments, reduce tax liabilities, plan for retirement, identify entitlements for government benefits and plan what inheritance will be left to the next generation.

Our qualified professional financial planning services look at all aspects of your lifestyle, goals and requirements to develop a financial strategy suitable for you. Investing in the right advice is smart. Take a step towards controlling your financial situation and plan for the future.

* Our financial planning services are provided by licensed financial planners.

More Than Tax, Your Business Is Our Business

At JPK Accountants, we understand that all clients are different and the only way to get to know a person’s business or financial situation is by discussing it in person, either face-to-face or over the phone.

Please contact us, we are always available to meet with you and determine how you can make best use of our team and the services we provide.

Self-Managed Super Funds

Effective superannuation is a very important part of planning for your financial future and retirement. JPK Accountants can help you set up a self-managed superannuation fund which give you control over your own investments for your own retirement.

We can establish and assist you in managing your own self-managed fund, providing full accounting, and auditing services. Take control by making the investment decisions yourself or choose to invest in managed funds. This provides wider investment alternatives and advanced taxation and estate planning strategies.


Other Services

We can also negotiate and arrange equipment leases, mortgages and loans. Please contact us, we would be delighted to meet with you to determine how you can make best use of our team and the services we provide.

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Insurance Services

Insurance is an essential part of protecting your personal and/or business wealth. Taking out the right insurance will help protect you, your loved ones, and/or your business assets while minimising your risk. We get to know our clients when providing accounting and tax services and can identify better insurance of financial deals. We can recommend and provide a range of insurance products suitable for your individual situation, including life insurance, business insurance, landlord insurance etc.